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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Who owns Goo...oogle.com?

Have you ever tried to see where variations of www.google.com lead you when you insert more o's in the name? As an experiment I tried all of the domains from zero o's to sixty.

It turns out that all of the domains have been registered and Google Inc owns 12 of them, here's the list:

No. of o'sName of domainWho owns domain?
0ggle.comNot Google
4goooogle.comNot Google
5gooooogle.comNot Google
6goooooogle.comNot Google
7gooooooogle.comNot Google
8goooooooogle.comNot Google
9gooooooooogle.comNot Google
10goooooooooogle.comNot Google
11gooooooooooogle.comNot Google
15goo..oogle.comNot Google
18goo..oogle.comNot Google
20goo..oogle.comNot Google
21goo..oogle.comNot Google
22goo..oogle.comNot Google
23goo..oogle.comNot Google
24goo..oogle.comNot Google
25goo..oogle.comNot Google
26goo..oogle.comNot Google
27goo..oogle.comNot Google
30goo..oogle.comNot Google
31goo..oogle.comNot Google
32goo..oogle.comNot Google
33goo..oogle.comNot Google
34goo..oogle.comNot Google
35goo..oogle.comNot Google
37goo..oogle.comNot Google
38goo..oogle.comNot Google
39goo..oogle.comNot Google
40goo..oogle.comNot Google
41goo..oogle.comNot Google
42goo..oogle.comNot Google
43goo..oogle.comNot Google
44goo..oogle.comNot Google
45goo..oogle.comNot Google
46goo..oogle.comNot Google
47goo..oogle.comNot Google
48goo..oogle.comNot Google
49goo..oogle.comNot Google
50goo..oogle.comNot Google
51goo..oogle.comNot Google
52goo..oogle.comNot Google
53goo..oogle.comNot Google
54goo..oogle.comNot Google
55goo..oogle.comNot Google
56goo..oogle.comNot Google
57goo..oogle.comNot Google
58goo..oogle.comNot Google
59goo..oogle.comNot Google
60goo..oogle.comNot Google
61goo..oogle.comExceeds naming limit

Google also owns gogle.com, gogole.com, googel.com, googil.com, google.biz, google.com, google.info, google.net, google.org, google.us, google.ws, google1.com, google2.com, google3.com

Let me know of other variations of the name that google owns.

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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Interest Rate Calculation Script for PHP / Javascript

Here's an interest rate calculation script using Newton's Method, I couldn't find a similar function in PHP or Javascript.

PHP (View demo)

# Interest Rate Calculation
function interestrate($years, $payment, $loan_amount, $paymentperyear)
$l_result = "";
# Interest rate guess
$interest = .1;

$g[0] = $interest / $paymentperyear;

for ($i=0;$i<10;$i++) {
$numerator = $payment - $payment * pow(1 + $g[$i], -$years) - $g[$i] * $loan_amount;
$denominator = $years * $payment * pow(1 + $g[$i], -$years - 1) - $loan_amount;
$g[$i + 1] = $g[$i] - $numerator / $denominator;

return $g[$i];

Javascript (View demo)

// Interest Rate Calculation
function interestrate(years, payment, loan_amount, paymentperyear)
var l_result = "";
var numerator, denominator, g = new Array;
// Interest rate guess var interest = 0.1;
g[0] = interest / paymentperyear;
for (i=0;i<10;i++)
numerator = payment - payment * Math.pow(1 + g[i], -years) - g[i] * loan_amount;
denominator = years * payment * Math.pow(1 + g[i], -years - 1) - loan_amount; g[i + 1] = g[i] - numerator / denominator; }
return g[i];

function doCalc()
var f = document.FrmCalc;
f.interest.value = interestrate(f.years.value, f.payment.value, f.loan_amount.value, f.paymentperyear.value);

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Saturday, June 23, 2007

File uploading scripts

Here's some scripts to make multiple image uploading easier:

A Java Applet which allows you to upload multiple images at a time, it includes drap and drop functionality. Its similar to Facebook's photo uploader.

It requires the Java plugin installed and you will need to give the applet permission to access your local file system.
(CommercialServer License = $ 64.80)


Thin Image
Another Java Applet to upload images. (Single Website = $69.00, Corporate license = $175.00) http://upload.thinfile.com/image/demo.php


Mootools / AJAX script for uploading multiple files. Includes adding, removing files and a upload progress bar. (MIT License)


Upload multiple files with a single file element - StickBlog
Sweet and simple script


Firefox plugin - dragdropupload
A firefox extention which allows you to drag and drop multiple files into a browse box on a web browser. I use it to drag multiple files into the Gmail attachment box and it works great.


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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Multi-Touch Interaction

Jeff Han is a research scientist for NYU's Courant Institute, this is a presentation he made on Multi-Touch Interaction in February 2006 at the TED Conference in Monterey, CA.


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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Things to look forward to in 2007

  • The Simpsons Movie [Wikipedia] [Official Site]
    The eagerly awaited feature length film for the award winning The Simpsons animated sitcom.
    Release date: July 27, 2007

  • Spiderman 3 [Wikipedia] [Official Site]
    "Spider-Man 3 is a 2007 superhero film that is the third film in the Spider-Man film franchise based on the fictional Marvel Comics character Spider-Man." - Wikipedia
    Release date: May 4, 2007

  • Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End [Wikipedia]
    "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End is the third part of the trilogy initiated by the 2003 film Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl and followed by the 2006 film Dead Man's Chest. At World's End is directed by Gore Verbinski, the director of the previous two films." - Wikipedia
    Release date: May 25, 2007

  • Ratatouille [Wikipedia]
    The eighth animated featured film produced by Pixar and the second film since Pixar's acquisition by The Walt Disney Company in 2006.
    Release date: June 28, 2007

  • Dallas Movie [Wikipedia]
    The feature length film based on the Dallas story. Cast includes John Travolta as J.R., Katie Cassidy as Lucy and Luke Wilson as Bobby Ewing.
    Release date: 2007

  • Duke Nukem Forever [Wikipedia] [Official Site]
    The latest first-person shooter game from the people who brought us Duke Nuke. The game has been in development since 1997 and at this point there is no definitive release date.
    Release date: 2007 ?

  • Windows Vista [Wikipedia] [Official Site]
    Windows Vista is the latest in major release of Microsoft Windows. The release comes more than 5 years since Windows XP and is estimated to have cost more than $10 billion to build.
    Release date: January 30, 2007

  • Rugby World Cup 2007 [Wikipedia]
    The sixth Rugby World Cup is being held in France during September and October of 2007. (See more upcoming sports events in 2007)
    Event date: September, October 2007

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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Watch free TV from your computer

TVU Player is a freeware peer-to-peer player to watch TV from your computer.

It provides good video quality at (320x240). You can watch in channel view (see picture) in full view or at full screen.

Currently it contains about 50 channels including NBC, CBS, FOX, MSNBC, COMEDY CENTRAL and SKY NEWS.

You can read some more reviews about TVU Player and download it at Downloads.com

Regarding legality of the application Wikipedia states the following:
"The legality of this application is not known. As the list below suggests, there are a number of channels carried by this software which could breach copyright laws. TVUnetworks claims that because they broadcast the commercials with the content they show, that their player is within the copyright rules. However most companies that have channels that are featured on TVUplayer have demanded to be removed from the player because TVU is not allowed to show their content without their permission."

Read the full Wikipedia article.


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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Plane in freefall

Worth watching if you have't seen it yet.

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